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Importance of Bone
Increase Bone Strength
Bone strength (bone density) can be effected by different factors.  
Lack of exercise, body weight, age, certain medications, illness,
genetics and eating disorders can all lead to weak bones.   
Osteoporosis  is porous bones.  Bone that is not filled solid and is easily
broken.   You want to increase bone density and bone strength.

Many people don't think of their bone strength until they are older and
they have had a bone density  test (DEXA test).

If you start taking care of your body when you are younger, there is
less of a chance you will have to spend your older years fighting such

No matter what your age is, if your muscles are stronger then your
bones will be stronger.  

I have found in my years in the fitness industry that about 95% of my
clients that have Osteopenia (beginning of Osteoporosis) and
Osteoporosis have been on medication for thyroid.  The few male
clients I have trained with Osteoporosis were also on a long term
Thyroid medicine.

If you or your kids have to take thyroid medicine, start yourselves on  
weight bearing exercises.  Which means adding weights and resistance
to your exercises to make your muscles and bones stronger.

It is also highly common for people who have had eating disorders,
especially in the bone growing years (up to age 25 or 30) to also have
weak bones.  Our bones grow with estrogen and if woman have had
eating disorders like anorexia to the point where they stopped having
their periods, it also means they stopped building strong bones.  

Think about your age, your physical history and family genetics.  

It's never to late or too early to start taking care of you.

It's never too soon to start building your body for the future.
Tracy L. Markley, Author of the Book
"The Stroke of an Artist, The Journey of a Personal
Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor"
Gaining Hope and inspiration after a having a stroke.  
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Awareness Books
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