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Stroke of An Artist, by Author Author Tracy L Markley, Tracy L. Markley Author, The Stroke of an artist, stroke reco  recovery books
in Florence, Oregon.  OR
Finding Strength
for your next level.
Tracy L. Markley  is a Certified Personal Trainer
in Florence, Oregon
She is the author of the book "The Stroke of An Artist"
A Journey of a personal fitness trainer and a special stroke survivor client in recovery.
Tipping Toward Balance
A Fitness Trainers Guide to Stability and Walking
Enrollment Fees

NO Monthly
Code of Ethics & Conduct
As fitness professionals, we agree to follow the certification companies "code of
ethics". Here lists two of
AFAA’s Code of Professional Conduct
AFAA has established a code of ethics and guidelines in order to protect the public
and the profession. Candidates are expected and Certified Professionals are
required to agree to and follow the AFAA Code of Professional Conduct, stated below.
Professionalism. Each Certified Professional must provide optimal professional service
and demonstrate excellent participant care in their practice. Each Certified Professional must:
1. Abide fully by this AFAA Code of Professional Conduct and continue to abide by the applicable provisions of the Testing
Rules of Conduct;
2. Conduct themselves in a manner that merits the respect of the public and other colleagues;
3. Treat each colleague and participant with the utmost respect and dignity;
4. Not make false or derogatory assumptions concerning the practices of colleagues and participants;
5. Use appropriate professional communication in all verbal, non-verbal, and written transactions;
6. Provide and maintain an environment that ensures participant safety that,
at a minimum, requires that the Certified Professional must:
a. Not diagnose or treat illness or injury unless for basic first aid or if the Certified Professional is legally licensed to do so
and is working in that capacity at that time;
b. Hold a current cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification at all times.
7. Refer the participant to the appropriate medical practitioner when, at a minimum, the Certified Professional:
a. Becomes aware of any change in the participant’s health status or medication;
b. Becomes aware of an undiagnosed illness, injury, or risk factor; or
c. Becomes aware of any unusual participant pain and/or discomfort
during the course of the class that warrants professional care, in which
case the Certified Professional will immediately discontinue the class for that participant.
8. Refer the participant to other healthcare professionals when nutritional and
supplemental advice is requested unless the Certified Professional has been
specifically trained to do so or holds a credential to do so and is acting in that capacity at the time;
9. Maintain a level of personal hygiene appropriate for a health and fitness setting;
10. Wear clothing that is clean, professional, and appropriate to the work environment;
11. Remaining in good standing and maintain current certification status by acquiring all necessary continuing education
Confidentiality. Each Certified Professional must respect the confidentiality of all
participant information. In his/her professional role, the Certified Professional must:
1. Protect the participant’s confidentiality in conversations, advertisement and any other arena unless otherwise agreed upon
by the participant in writing or, when necessary due to a medical occurrence or when legally required;
2. Protect the interest of participants who are minors by law or unable to give voluntary consent by securing the legal
permission of the appropriate third nparty or guardian; and Legal and Ethical. Each Certified Professional must comply with all
requirements within the applicable jurisdiction. In his/her professional role, the Certified Professional must:
1. Obey all local, state, federal, and provincial laws, regulations and professional rules;.....etc...
The C.H.E.K Institute-Trained Professional
Code of Ethics
As a C.H.E.K Institute-trained Professional, I will uphold the high standards of care and
professionalism that are expected of me when working with clients, interacting with the general
public or health and fitness professionals. I promise to:
1. Adhere to all assessment, training and coaching guidelines set forth by the C.H.E.K Institute.
2. Maintain the confidentiality of all client records.
3. Provide clients with safe instruction and treat them equally, fairly and respectfully.
4. Maintain a professional and ethical attitude towards all fellow professionals and peers.
5. Work within my scope of practice as defined by the laws and licensing requirements in my area.
6. Comply with all applicable business, employment and copyright laws.
7. Maintain the integrity and copyright of all proprietary C.H.E.K Institute materials.
8. Show respect for all professionals by properly referencing their work in all contexts and all
9. Continue to expand my professional skills and knowledge within the fields of holistic health,
fitness and related fields.
Tracy's Personal Training
Pilates & Yoga Fitness Studio
College Certified Fitness Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer
Best Selling Author, Fitour Pro-Trainer, AFAA Examiner
Biomechanics Specialist, BOSU® Master Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Florence, Oregon 97439
Tracy L. Markley
AFS Association of Fitness Studios Code of Conduct.

AFS members must agree to operate their business according to the following AFS Code of

Treat each client with personal respect while addressing their needs on an individual basis
Design and implement programs and treatment built on the foundation of client health and safety
Abide by all local, state, and federal laws
Deliver on our commitments
Be an equal opportunity employer and provide equal access and fair treatment to all clients
Our trainers and instructors stay current on the latest health and fitness research
Maintain CPR and AED certifications
Conduct business in an ethical manner that enhances respect for our industry
Maintain the confidentiality of all client information
Never lose sight of customer satisfaction as our driving force

AFS Core Values

Integrity – operating at all times with the highest degree of honesty, reliability, and trust to
enhance the image of our industry
Community – cultivate an environment of sharing, networking, and pride in delivering an important
component in the healthcare continuum
Commitment – to remain devoted to the fitness and studio industry with enthusiasm and the
highest level of customer service
Credibility – assuring that information provided by AFS is consistent with industry norms and
best practices, whenever possible
Empowerment – providing the necessary tools for AFS members to implement programs and
access benefits to help grow their business
Fitness, Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga in Florence Oregon, 97439
Tracy L. Markley, Author of the Book
"The Stroke of an Artist, The Journey of a
Personal Fitness Trainer and a Stroke
Gaining Hope and inspiration after a
having a stroke.  Stroke Recovery
Books, Stroke Survivor Books, Stroke
Awareness Books
©Tracy Markley
Author, Tracy L. Markley