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Tipping Toward Balance Book
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"Tipping Toward Balance"
A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Stability and Walking
Author: Tracy L. Markley
"The Stroke of An Artist"
Author, Tracy L. Markley

A Wonderful Journey of a Stroke
Survivor training with a personal
fitness trainer in stroke recovery.
Tracy L. Markley  is a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher & Pilates Instructor
in Florence, Oregon
She is the author of the books "The Stroke of An Artist"
A Journey of a personal fitness trainer and a special stroke survivor client in recovery.
"Tipping Toward Balance" A Fitness Trainers Guide to Stability and Walking
Tracy L. Markley, Author of the Book
"The Stroke of an Artist, The
Journey of a Personal Fitness
Trainer and a Stroke Survivor"
Gaining Hope and inspiration after
a having a stroke.  Stroke Recovery
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Stroke Awareness Books
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"The Stroke of An Artist"
A Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor
Author: Tracy L. Markley
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& in Kindle & Audible
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Includes 8
that work!
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The National Stroke
Association Website
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Tracy's Personal Training
Pilates & Yoga Fitness Studio
College Certified Fitness Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer
Best Selling Author, Fitour Pro-Trainer, AFAA Examiner
Biomechanics Specialist, BOSU® Master Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Florence, Oregon 97439
Tracy L. Markley
Author, Tracy L. Markley
In this book I share eight exercises and the reasons why they
have helped clients regain their balance. These particular
exercises have helped clients stop tripping and falling and to
regain the ability to feel safe in movement again. I also share
some short stories of clients who all have various reasons for
losing their balance. A range of personal and specific factors
may play a role in the body’s balance and walking gait as they
become off-kilter. This leaves people feeling unsafe in their
movements, which, in turn, causes the walking gait to change and
slow down because they feel out of balance or unstable. At this
point, individuals may find themselves tripping often and/or
falling down. At any age, but often as we get older, the body
can become weaker. That can be due to illness, lack of
exercise, neurological challenges or a diagnosed condition. In
many of these cases, the body begins to move more slowly. You
can feel unsafe in everyday movements, even just walking. The
center of the body, known as the core, must be built up in
strength for the rest of the body to be able to perform
movements at their best. Frequently, building core strength is
thought to be achievable only when you get down on the floor
and do crunches. Many clients with weakness or stability issues
do not feel safe getting down to the floor. Consequently, that
leaves them thinking it is a lost cause to attempt to strengthen
the core muscles. Thankfully, this is not the truth ...
This is a journey of a personal fitness trainer and a stroke
survivor client. This inspiring journey will bring hope and
encouragement to those in recovery and their friends and
family. The anatomy illustrations help bring more awareness
and knowledge of the body and why specific muscles must be
strengthened to bring back safety, strength and spatial
awareness with movement. There are two goals for this book.
One sent personally from Gary's heart with hopes that his
story will help others in the same struggle he had faced. Don't
Give Up! Never Quit! He encouraged others. As the fitness
trainer, I wish the same, as well as I hope this journey helps
bring insight and education to fellow fitness professionals to
help them on their Journeys with stroke survivor clients.
Available at Amazon
& in Kindle
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3rd Book
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The stroke of an artist book
the brain book your brain
fall prevention book

Tracy has written 3 books!
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"Your Brain"
The Software to Your Body
A Fitness Trainer's Guide to B
rain Health
Author: Tracy L. Markley
Coming  SOON!!!
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