The idea for "" website came about in 2007 when
one of my step daughters (9 years old) saw that I had built some
websites.  I asked her if she would like to help me create one for kids
one day.  She said yes and thought this was a fun idea.    
A few days later my other step daughter  (7 years old) found some
money.  We all decided to donate some of the money to charity.  We got
on the computer and went to a charity site that I knew of that helps
kids that have been abused and abandoned. The website is "For the
Child" in Long Beach, California.  A wonderful foundation that  helps
children that have been abused and hurt.  My step daughters were
excited that they were a part of helping children who were in a bad
situation.   It  made them feel good.  They actually lit up in their eyes.  
It was very special.   We then thought what a great idea it would be to
make a website with all sorts of charities that help people and animals
with needs that kids can go to with their parents to make donations.   
The name "
childrendonate2"  was created from the idea that children
can "donate too" with their parents on the Internet at a cute and
cheery website.

Since then I have received wonderful thank you letters from owners
of websites that we have listed on  I have
received letters and e-mails from several teachers writing to  us that
they like to use our website in their classroom with their students.  
Our Site has been listed on government websites and  several school
district websites around the world.  

Recently the press and celebrities have been speaking strongly against
bullying.  We  added some great websites on anti-bullying.   These sites
help those who are being bullied in person, in schools, work place and on
the Internet (cyber bullying).

We hope that our  site will help bring an abundance of funds to all the
charities, foundations and organizations listed.
Please visit our wonderful website at
"The Stroke of An Artist"
Author, Tracy L. Markley

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Tracy L. Markley, Author of the Book
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Tracy L. Markley
Author, Tracy L. Markley
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