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The  Pelvic
Floor Muscles and other muscles that attach to
When the Pelvic muscles are weak it will effect the back, the
abdominals and the lower limbs.  There are also deeper muscles that are
not shown here.
It effects bladder health and strength as well.

All through the body each muscle as a specific job it was created to
perform to make movements in the body.  If certain muscles are weak,
other muscles have to step up and try to do a job that was not theirs as
well as trying to do
If the pelvic bone is pulled forward or back slightly due to tight or
unstable muscles it can effect the whole body.
Muscles for function.
The body was made to function in movement with all the muscles
working together as a team.  If you play sports on a team you know
how important is for the whole team to be strong as individuals
which come together as a team of strength working together.   Our
bodies are the same way.  I have been trained and strongly believe
we have to train from the inside out.  This is also where the core
comes into play.  Look at an apple.  If the apple core is week mushy
the apple would be sloppy mess.  Think of the core of you body (as in
the apple) it has to be strong to hold up the body and keep strength
in the center of the body (as stability muscles) so the limbs can
work in proper form.  A very important muscles for function is
beginning at the Pelvic floor.  Did you know that the pelvic floor
muscles play a very important roll in your body functioning properly.  
Here are a very example of what a weak pelvic floor will do in the
The glute muscles will not fire properly.
This can lead to all sorts of im-baances in the hips, back, knees,
shoulders, ankles etc.  Imbalances lead to injuries.  A huge role in
spine injuries and disc issues.  
Remember many processes in life, we are better, stronger and more
in balance if we begin from within.
This is the muscle of the month right now.
Muscle of the month
Pelvic Floor Muscles